Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy

Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy


The Uplift is the only specific KIT for Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy.

Sacrocolpopexy or Promonto-fixaton is a surgical technique for the Vaginal Prolapse. With this technique we reinforce the vaginal tissue with a mesh that covers both anterior an posterior vagina, and is fixed with a laparoscopic anchor system to the sacrum promontory (low portion of the spine). The Uplift is a one piece laser pre-cutted mesh for Vaginal Vault Prolapse repair. The Uplift System has been designed to facilitate laparoscopic sacrcolpopexy interventions. 

With this innovative device surgeons will avoid suturing in the sacrum promontorium. Thanks to its anchoring system the mesh is placed permanently and the duration of the intervention is shorter. Surgeons will also avoid cutting manually the mesh. The Uplift mesh is a one-piece laser pre-cutted mesh. This feature means that the docter will save some time during the invervention and the mesh will have no rough edges, so the risk of erosion is much lower.


One side of the single sling is sutured to the elevator anus muscles. The other end of the sling is sutured at the anterior vaginal wall. The loop between the two ends will be pulled up elevating the vagina to the desired level, and easily fixed to the sacrum promontorium by the 5 mm laparoscopic anchoring system. With this system, surgeons can treat Vaginal Vault Prolapse in less time and with great success rates.


The anchoring system Anchosure of Neomedic is unique in the market. The system is straight and thin which allows for a safe anchor placement  at the sacrum promontorium. Its safe delivery system allows to advance the anchor at maximum depth of twelve cm. for maximum delivery control. Other forms of fixation may need tight sutures knots around the ligament, that may compromise its neurovascular structures. The system has no invasive tip and is completely a-trautmatic, with no risk for discitis or sepsis. This system is also used for transvaginal sacrospinous fixation.

Uplift Advantages

- Pre-cut mesh: No manipulation.

- Laser-cut mesh: Blunt Edges, gentle with tissue.

- One piece: Easy to adjust over promontory.

- Specific anchors developed for easy and safe fixation.

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Lap vs Vaginal Prolapse Surgery. Why Uplift?

- Less complications than vaginal approach (mesh erosions, dispareunia).

- It´s a fashion procedure today.

- Main problem of lap: it requires great ability with laparoscopic suturing.

- Second tricky point of surgery: equilibrating both meshes.

- What if they wouldn’t have to suture that much…?