Mayumana Healthcare B.V. is a dynamic, entrepreneurial company that has a strong track record of successful sales of disposable and capital goods in a business-to-business and business-to-consumer healthcare environment in Europe.

Our organisation focusses entirely on the Netherlands. We gained our high and professional knowledge level due to our continuous focus on the urology field. Mayumana Healthcare B.V. is the specialist in The Netherlands in terms of stone treatment, incontinence solutions and BPH treatment. Not only on product level but also on procedure level. Mayumana Healthcare B.V. also exports various products and collaborates with professional distributors throughout the world.


Your Partner

Besides innovative products, are we also able to offer you the right after sales in terms of premium quality OR guidance, clinical trainings and objective advice. Specialists often work faster and safer due to this. In addition will we pay a lot of attention to your OR employees to make sure that they are also fully informed about new products or changed products in the OR. We have noticed that our personal approach contributes to more consciousness on the OR, increased efficiency and quality. Our guidance does not stop, we will also be there on later moments and you can involve us for clinical trainings when you train new employees.

We have a perfect understanding of the dynamics and bottlenecks of being a business partner in a continuously changing financial situation. The prices Mayumana Healthcare uses are realistic and attainable for our Dutch relations. We are not only a business partner on management, but also on operational level.



CEO & Eigenaar

Bart startte in 2009 Mayumana Healthcare en is de stuwende kracht achter de koers die het bedrijf vaart. Ervaring deed hij op bij Gyrus ACMI en Olympus. Bart is gek op de zee en surfen.



Product Specialist

Mike heeft commerciële economie gestudeerd en is één van de oudgedienden bij Mayumana Healthcare. Deze rugbyer is de "wingman" van Bernard en Pelle, en ondersteunt hen bij proefplaatsingen en tests.



Back-Office Manager

Christiaan heeft het commerciële klappen van de zweep geleerd op de Hogeschool van Amsterdam, waar hij marketing en commerciële economie studeerde. Praktijkervaring deed hij op bij Albert Heijn en nu bij ons. Met squash blijft hij in vorm.